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Cookie Policy


If you visit our website we can store ‘cookies’ on your device. Cookies are essential for us in order to optimise your visit on our website. Below we explain which cookies we use and why. Do you have further questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing and we will gladly explain our cookie policy to you. 

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. Cookies, for example, remember your personal preferences, website visits and device to optimize your visit on our website. 

Some cookies remember personal information (directly or indirectly) and are therefore privacy-sensitive. Therefore they fall under the European and Belgian privacy legislation. 

The use of cookies is regulated by the European parliament and the Board of the European Union through the e-privacy directive. 

All EU Member States have transposed this directive into national legislation. The cookie use and cookie legislation in every European country will thereby be regulated differently.

Which cookies does AAYALI use and for what purposes?

Types of Cookies: 

  • Essential cookies: Essential cookies are cookies that are necessary for (improvement of) the functionality of  the website, for example cookies that manage the load time of webpages.
  • Functional cookies: Functional cookies collect information about choices and preferences of users and offer the opportunity to remember and personalise language and other local settings. 
  • Analytical or performance cookies: Analytical or performance cookies collect information about the behaviour of users to measure the performance of the website and optimise the user experience.
  • Targeting or advertising cookies: Targeting or advertising cookies follow-up (the online behaviour of) users to compose customer or user profiles. These profiles are usually used to display relevant and personalised advertisements corresponding to the interests of associated users. In addition they are used to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns and to conduct market analyses. 

How can I manage my cookies?
You can manage your cookies in your browser settings. Please find instructions how to manage your cookies on the help page of your specific browser.

Questions or Remarks?
Do you have any questions or remarks after reading this Cookie policy? Please do not hesitate to contact AAYALI by emailing We will gladly explain our cookie policy to you. 



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