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Why does being grateful make you feel happier?

It happens so easily: you’re complaining about the daily traffic on your way to work, the drizzly weather or you’re disappointed when that one beautiful sweater is no longer available in your size. We’re all guilty of it, and often very unconsciously. We’re creating small thoughts that make us somewhat dissatisfied every day.

It can also be different. Whoever is grateful creates his or her own happiness. Gratitude is nothing but a very powerful emotion. A kind of joy that enhances the positive emotions that live inside you. A feeling of surprise, wonder and appreciation for what’s out there and what you have. Those who are grateful therefore experience more happiness, are more confident, optimistic and energetic.

Gratitude also teaches you to live in the moment. To stand still. Because to count your blessings, you must look around you.

  • What beautiful things do you see?
  • What have you been up to lately?
  • What makes you happy today?

Practicing gratitude draws you into the now, the present, and ensures that you live more consciously. Small things become big successes. What used to be something you took for granted is now a beautiful gift.

And it’s something which also doesn’t go unnoticed by your mind and body. Research shows that someone who regularly practices gratitude generates positive lasting effects on the body and mind. You become more resilient and more resistant to stress which has a positive influence on various systems and hormones in your body. 

So the next time you catch yourself thinking negative about something, try and be thankful. Because ask yourself: being grateful and thinking negative at the same time? I don’t think anyone has ever succeeded at that.

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