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Stylish tips to reuse your empty candle jars

It's okay if you're so fond of your scented candle that you let it burn every day. Even after your candle has completely burned out, you can still enjoy it! Reuse the empty candle jar to upgrade your interior styling. Discover in this blog post how to breathe new life into your candle jar and let it shine in your interior.

We all crave order in our home: storage ideas

An empty AAYALI candle vessel makes for a stylish storage solution in your kitchen, office, bathroom or ... Fill the jar with small items that you would otherwise easily lose or that often need to be replenished such as:

  • cotton tips, cotton balls
  • bobby pins, hair ties and other hair accessories
  • makeup brushes, lipsticks, mascara
  • kitchen utensils (spatulas, wooden spoons, whisks)
  • pens and markers
  • spare change 
  • paperclips
  • ...

You can also close the jar with the brass candle lid if you own the AAYALI Prestige scented candle. Stored safely and elegantly!

Flowers and plants brighten up any room

Fill your empty candle jar with beautiful flowers (peonies, roses, carnations, tulips, etc) or a cute plant and you immediately have a unique interior piece and eye catcher. 

Succulents or cacti are the best species to plant. Fill the empty jar with pebbles (to let water through better), soil and then plant the succulent or cactus. The biggest advantage - in addition to having a unique, stylish planter - is that a succulent or cactus requires very little maintenance. Sprinkling it occasionally and placing it in a well-lit room should keep it happy.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to repurpose your empty candle jars. Discover our range of scented candles in different vessels made from pressed glass, French Limoges porcelain or ceramic by clicking here. Be sure to share your interior styling ideas with your AAYALI candle jars through #aayalimoments. Don’t forget to tag us @aayalimoments.

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Stylish tips to reuse your empty candle jars

Burned your candle all the way? Read our tips on how to reuse your empty candle jar. From a chic vanity organizer to a cute succulent planter to a stylish pen holder...


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