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Why taking time for yourself is the key to increased productivity

We are busy. Building a career, being a good partner, being a good parent, eating healthy, working out, maintaining our social life, etc. Our life has become a fast train that barely stops. And that will affect your productivity and your mind. Everyone needs a moment to slow down. To breathe. To relax. We explain below why slowing down is necessary for your mind and body and how you do it.

Stop multitasking to boost your productivity

Are you multitasking every day - writing emails, checking the weather, placing an online order and making breakfast all at once - and you think you can get away with it? Or that you are the exception to the rule? Think again.

Research has shown that with every new task, you lose a bit of your attention. Because your flow gets interrupted, your brain needs more energy to refocus on the primary task. And that influences your productivity. You cannot work in a focused way if your brain is drained of energy and you’re still thinking about different things at the same time.

Clear your mind to make room for new ideas

We often have so much on our mind that there’s little room left for creativity and new ideas. Literally. When that flow of thoughts stops for a moment, your brain can dig again and make the most ingenious twists. It’s no coincidence that Archimedes got his Eureka idea when he took a bath. 

You don't have to jump straight in the shower to come up with a brilliant business idea or the perfect gift for your mother-in-law. You can work every day to slow down that fast train in your head. The solution: self-care. Consciously pause and make time for yourself.

Self-care for beginners: go completely offline for one day

One of the greatest monsters of our time is "being constantly available". An unread email on Sunday afternoon, a Whatsapp or Instagram notification or customers who're constantly calling your private number; there is a limit to your availability. You don't always have to be 'on' and sacrifice your energy.

Turn off your phone and your computer (at least) one day a week.

We realize this can be a very difficult exercise. Don't worry, we don't mean that you can no longer offer your customers top service or that you can't like your girlfriend's cute baby photos. You simply choose one day that feels good for you to switch off your devices. Below a few tips for optimally going offline:

  • Enjoy every single moment - without expectations
    Enjoy that day consciously! From going for a hike, cooking with your friends, trying out a new hobby, seeing your kids perform a little dance for you, appreciate every moment. Remember, your time doesn’t have to be spent being productive and useful all the time! Make time for some self-care and get together with your loved ones. Relax, chill. You’ll quickly realize that that one self-care day a week will become your favorite day of the week.
  • Make a list of activities which help you relax
    It may sound like a paradox: think first to relax. But once you have a list of things that help you clear your mind, all you have to do is mix & match. A sort of takeaway menu for your mental peace! We are happy to give you a boost:
    • Light a few candles and take a long, warm bath
    • Browse around your local bookstore (and open that new book that day itself)
    • Schedule a coffee/tea date with a friend
    • Get a breath of fresh air in the woods, by the sea
    • Knit a scarf
    • Paint or draw
    • Sunbathe in your garden or at a nearby park
    • ...
  • Inform your friends and family
    Are you the one who responds to a group chat within 3 milliseconds? Let family and friends know that you won't be online that day. It’s not meant to scare them when you suddenly become unreachable but they’ll know they shouldn't bother you if it's not urgent. That way you won't have the urge to check your phone every 5 seconds.
  • Schedule it in your agenda = out of your mind
    During your off-time there will be moments when you are nevertheless inclined to be productive. A good way not to spoil your day with "tasks that must be done" is to plan those tasks in advance. Schedule it in your agenda before or after your self-care day. That way you won't forget and you can clear your mind for your day of rest.

Feeling zen already? We encourage you to take some time for yourself and to give your mind some rest. Only then can you become your best self and balance your productivity in your work and private life. 

Need an extra nudge to make your self-care day totally enjoyable? Let your favorite scent help set the mood. In our range of scented candles you will discover our three fragrances to help you unwind.

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