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Home decor: an inspiration for gratitude

Your house. A place to come home, to be yourself, to relax, to celebrate, to live, to share and to be together. A place where you are the most (aside from work) and a place which has a major influence on how you feel. Take a look around you. How many things in your home remind you of beautiful moments? How often do you sit in your couch for a warm conversation? How much has your home been adapted to your wishes and needs?

Your house is often a reflection of who you are and what’s important to you. It’s a big part of your life and it’s something you can be grateful for. It can also be a place to encourage gratitude and to be reminded to be grateful. 

Set the mood for a moment to slow down

Your home should have a positive, welcoming atmosphere which invites you to relax and slow down. Decorate your interior so it sets the mood for a moment of relaxation, mindfulness and gratitude. You can easily do great things with a few simple tweaks:

  • Style your home with fragrance
    A scent can have a strong impact on how you feel, often very unconsciously. It can immediately calm you down or energize you. Fragrances also bring back memories such as your grandma’s cooking or the scent of your partner when you first met him/her, etc. Depending on what you choose, you can create the right combination for visitors to your home and for yourself. In addition to a beautiful fragrance, a scented candle also upgrades your interior with its design. Discover AAYALI’s scented candles and signature fragrances here. Our fragrances are characterized as sophisticated, timeless, elevating and evoking a feeling of ultimate luxury.
  • Brighten up a space with flowers
    A bouquet of fresh flowers on the table or a big lush green plant instantly cheers up any space. They’re also a great visual gratitude reminder as they easily catch your attention when you step into a room. 
  • Accessories which remind you to slow down
    For example a warm, soft throw lying on the couch or inspiring magazines and books beautifully stacked on your bedside or coffee table.

Also think about what feeling you get of the things you already own. What makes you happy? Are there items which should get more attention in your interior? What's useless and not needed anymore? Can you make room in your head by getting rid of certain things?

Creating an enjoyable atmosphere in your home can be a true self-care ritual. A moment where you respond to what you need and do everything to create a homely atmosphere that makes you happy every day.

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