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5 habits of highly successful people

How are they doing it? Those successful women and men (think: Oprah Winfrey, Marie Forleo, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, etc.) who release their wonderful missions to the world and are more successful than ever. It’s clear that they believe in themselves and in their mission. And they clearly know how to do business. But what gives them that little bit more? What makes them more successful than anyone else?

If you look and listen carefully, you will notice that they share five daily habits.

1. A moment of silence

Slow down. Take the time to think and observe, even if it’s only for a short while. It sounds simple, but we do it too little. Yet, every successful woman or man knows that every big step starts with this small intention. Because taking time every day for meditation, mindfulness and relaxation can do wonders. It can reduce stress for a new step in your career, reduce fear of the unknown and create new, fresh ideas.

2. A positive and grateful mindset

How often do you think about what you have achieved? How often do you look back gratefully on the path you took? A successful person knows it better than anyone: a grateful, positive mindset ensures that you open yourself up to the power of the universe. If you’re thankful for what you have and have accomplished, you also unconsciously open the way for what’s to come. Every small step becomes the base for greater success tomorrow.

3. A stimulating environment

Who do you interact with on a daily basis? Who do you surround yourself with? Which people are closest to you? And what about their mindset? Do they have a positive view of the world? Or do they live life with fear and insecurity?

It’s not unimportant to think about for a moment. Did you know that research shows that you are the average of the five people you surround yourself with? Even if you don't think so, you are unconsciously guided by their ideas. Just as you are also influenced by your immediate environment. 

To accomplish your goals step by step, make sure to surround yourself with a positive, loving environment in which you are encouraged to chase your dreams.

4. Solid planning

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail". Benjamin Franklin already knew it then. Just like every successful person now knows. Without proper planning, you’re shooting blanks without having the ultimate goal in mind. This not only costs you a lot of time and energy, but also the chance of success and the achievement of your goals. So ask yourself: where do I want to go? What is the ultimate goal? And which steps do I have to take?

Be specific, plan clearly when you will tackle a certain task, evaluate your steps and focus on priorities. Small (planned) steps create great results. You will soon discover that.

5. A good dose of sleep and a daily portion of exercise

Every successful man or woman is always one step ahead of their work or business. They have a vision, a clear plan, but also a head full of creative, new ideas. It’s certain that these new ideas do not come naturally. After all, they require a fresh, open mind in an energetic and powerful body. No wonder that successful people highly value the importance of a good night's rest and a daily portion of exercise. Physical activity not only makes our body stronger, but it also activates our brain to think in a fresher, more active and productive way. Sufficient sleep is, in turn, essential to maintain our cognitive functions. These help us in turn to come up with new insights and innovative and creative ideas.

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