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Gratitude, wellness, personal style, interior design, events and much more. Welcome to our community where we share our AAYALI moments and hope to inspire you to join us on our mission to spread the power of gratitude...


Why taking time for yourself is the key to increased productivity

We are busy. Building a career, being a good partner, eating healthy, working out, maintaining our social life, etc. Our life has become a fast train that barely stops. And that will affect your productivity and your mind...


5 habits of highly successful people

How are they doing it? What gives them that little bit more? We are sharing the five daily habits they all have in common ...


Learn how to set intentions and goals and change your life

Carve out some time for yourself to reflect on the past, write down anything you want for your future, write a yearly letter…...


Receive inspiration on topics spanning gratitude, wellness, personal style, interior design, and more

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